Welcome to the Muncie Community Schools 


The Muncie Community Schools' Board of School Trustees will hold an Executive Session at 5:30 p.m., October 18, 2018 in the Conference Room, MACC, 2500 N. Elgin, Muncie, IN 47303 

The Muncie Community Schools’ Board of School Trustees will hold their next Board Meeting at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, October 23, 2018, in the Auditorium at the Southside Middle School,1601 E. 26th Street, Muncie Indiana, 47302.

Message from the the Muncie Community Schools Board of Trustees:

It is a new day at Muncie Community Schools. We could not be more pleased with the start of this school year.  Last year’s ISTEP+ scores are discouraging and should be unacceptable to students, families, faculty, administration and the larger community.  They are unacceptable to the new Board of Directors.  However, MCS, in partnership with Ball State University, is committed to improving the academic performance of all of our schools.  The state has given us the needed flexibility to innovate in order to implement best practices in serving our students.  While full systemic change will take time, incremental improvements have already commenced as the Board, faculty and staff have implemented, or are implementing, measures to improve and measure academic delivery and performance.  

Without making any excuses, last year’s scores are indicative of the instability visited upon MCS by economic and social factors that need to be identified, met, assessed and remedied by both MCS and the community.  Moreover, standardized tests are merely a snapshot that fails to portray the many talented students and dedicated faculty and staff who work daily under challenging conditions to perform the critically important work at MCS.

So, in the final analysis, this is historical data that will inform our work moving forward.  We need to better serve our students so that they are prepared to enter a 21st century economy. These numbers, but a snapshot of the past, will not prevent us from our mission.  We look forward to making MCS a destination district.